Lindsay Franklin shares her story of becoming a teen mom, and she gives some fantastic advice for teen parents, their parents, and their friends. #teenmom #parenting


In early 2000, Lindsay Franklin was about to graduate from high school. She had big plans to go to college, get a Master’s degree, and have an amazing career. But all of that anticipation came crashing to a halt when she learned she was pregnant.

Her first instinct was to research abortion, because she had been pro-choice up to that point, and being a teen mom was not in her plan. She got on her boyfriend’s parents’ computer and searched for a nearby clinic. The first thing that popped up on the screen was images of aborted fetuses, and in an instant, Lindsay knew abortion was not an option for her anymore. She was going to keep her baby.

But what was she going to do? She had always been a bit rebellious, but she had started going to church a few months earlier, which is where she had met her 19-year-old boyfriend. He was an upstanding church boy with a good reputation. This would ruin everything for him. So she turned away from the computer screen and told him she would disappear and be a single mom and it wouldn’t affect his life at all. He could stay in college and continue on with his plans for his life.

Dave chose a different plan. He immediately grabbed her hands and got down on his knees. He told her he loved her, this baby was both of theirs, and they were going to be a family.

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