Nancy Blaue and Friends Feeding Hungry Kids


Note: This is part two of a profile on Nancy Blaue. To read the first post about her promotion of literacy through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and her job with Parents as Teachers, click here.


“Kids that are hungry aren’t learning.”

Any teacher that works with kids who live in poverty will be nodding his or her head right now. And there is no time when some kids are more hungry than at school on a Monday morning, after having eaten little to no food at home over the weekend.

Nancy Blaue sees poverty firsthand nearly every day when she does home visits for her job as a Parent Educator with Parents as Teachers. Her friend Clinetta Weinrich, who often says the quote above, saw the effects of it at school. And Clinetta, a (now retired) kindergarten teacher for the Wellsville-Middletown R-1 School District in Wellsville, Missouri, decided to do something about it.

She knew of a group that worked in tandem with the Warren County R-3 School District in nearby Warrenton to help feed kids over the weekends. The group would pack bags of food that were then distributed at school on Friday afternoons to kids who might otherwise be without food.

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