I don’t know a triple lutz from a quadruple axel. Who does, other than Scott Hamilton, Tara Lipinski, and a relative handful of other people in the universe? Nevertheless, I’m sitting here watching Olympic figure skating and giving my unqualified opinion to anyone who will answer my texts about the quality of the jumps … or the falls.

And fall they do—all the time.

ice skater

In a run of about eight men’s short programs I just watched, almost all of them fell at least once. Many fell two or three times.

When they fall, they get right back up, catch up to the music, and carry on as if nothing is wrong. They’re probably adding up the points (or subtracting them) in their heads to figure out if they still have a chance to place in the top three. And they, like those of us watching, are just hoping they don’t fall again.

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