Dana Wilkerson

Writer, Editor, and Influencer of Children


How can I help you?

Through this website, I hope to encourage and inspire you to live well and serve others so you can inspire and influence kids to do the same. Other experts and I will provide you with information, resources, stories, and much more to help guide you in your journey.

Some of what I share is focused on specific things you can do to help the young people in your life. Other times the focus is on how we as adults can live well and serve others so the kids around us can see us living out the kind of lifestyle we want them to adopt for themselves.

Make sure you check out the profile posts on the blog. These are stories about people who live well and serve others in everyday and extraordinary ways. Each profiled person is passionate about a certain topic, and they provide understanding and tips around that issue as it relates to how you can live well and serve others and encourage kids to do the same. You can browse through the blog, or click here to see just the profile posts.


Who am I?

Like you, I’m an influencer of children. Though I have no children of my own, barely a day goes by that I’m not in a position of influencing kids.

I have three nieces and one nephew between the ages of four and fifteen. They live a seven-hour drive away, but thanks to my ability to work from anywhere, I get to see them on a pretty consistent basis. And I text my teenage nieces nearly every day (though, to be honest, many of our “conversations” consist entirely of Bitmojis and GIFs).

Last year I started my business,  A Novel Companion , and I wrote a novel for tweens (along with a companion novel for women). Fiction writing is a brand new world for me, but it’s been a lot of fun. My older nieces helped with the process and gave feedback, which means they got to turn the tables and influence me. It’s funny how that happens with kids, isn’t it? 

Over the course of the last thirteen years, I have written more than a thousand (and edited more than ten thousand) activities and articles for kids and teens via curriculum, magazines, and church resources. No, those numbers are not an exaggeration. I just did the math, and it boggles my mind as much as it likely does yours.

Though I majored in Elementary Education in college, I never taught in a classroom (other than student teaching). However, I also completed a Master of Divinity in Christian Education, and the combination of those two degrees has proven immensely helpful in my career as a writer and editor that has often focused on children’s and youth ministry.

I’ve also edited dozens of books for adults. And I’ve had the privilege of helping various people write their books, two of which have featured on the New York Times Best Seller List: The Vow (Kim & Krickitt Carpenter) and Balancing It All (Candace Cameron Bure).